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The Ancient Egyptians were known for their mystical ways, opulence, and power. Your archaeological team’s quest is to unlock the secrets of the Pharaoh’s Tomb. Other teams have attempted and mysteriously vanished during their search. Work together with your team to pick up where others left off, find the tomb with it's hidden secrets, and escape before you suffer the same fate as those before you.

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$29.99 +tax/person
​Maximum 10 people

Difficulty  8/10

A top level CIA field office has been compromised. All  attempts to reach the agent  have failed. Your team is tasked to secure the classified agent information and execute the evacuation procedure before you too are compromised. 


$29.99 +tax/person
Maximum 10 people

Difficulty 6/10

While wandering through your grandparent's home, you come across a peculiar room that used to have always been locked. Remembering stories your grandfather used to tell you of an enchanted land that had been cursed with a winter's spell, you start to realize these may not have just been tales. Quickly search for clues to discover this land and try to break the curse before you too become locked in under their frozen spell!


$29.99 +tax/person
​Maximum 8 people

Difficulty  7/10

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